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Heartfelt Nutrition

Nutritional Therapy, Advice, Education & Support


Nutritional therapy is a complementary therapy that looks at what is going on in the body as a whole in order to identify the underlying causes of symptoms. Diet, supplements and lifestyle recommendations are tailored to the individual to address these causes, supporting the body’s natural healing processes and helping to restore balance and maintain health. Nutritional therapy is not a substitute for medical care and communication with doctors and other patient care practitioners may sometimes be required.


Nutritional therapy is not a quick fix and taking control of our own health through food and lifestyle changes requires determination and commitment, especially at the outset, but it is an empowering and rewarding experience that helps to optimise health and vitality.


Our bodies really do reflect what we eat and nutritional therapy can help with very many health concerns, including but not limited to the following:


~ acid reflux - acne - allergies  - arthritis - asthma - bloating - cancer - candida overgrowth - cold sores - colds - depression - dermatitis - detoxification - diabetes - eczema - fatigue - fertility - fibromyalgia - food intolerance - fungal infections - gout - gall stones - hay-fever - headaches - heart disease - high blood pressure - high cholesterol - hormonal imbalances - indigestion - inflammatory bowel disease - insomnia -irritable bowel disease - leaky gut disease - liver problems - menopause - migraines - nutritional deficiencies - obesity - osteoarthritis - osteoporosis - pregnancy - pre-menstrual syndrome -prostate health - psoriasis - rheumatoid arthritis - stress - thyroid problems - ulcers - weight management ~




Depending on what you would like to achevie from a nutritional therapy consultation you may need just one consultation or a series of consultations to support you as you move through the healing process. The costs for nutritional therapy consultations are:


          Initial consultation (90-120 minutes) - £95
          Follow-up consultation (60-75 minutes) - £65

          Package (Initial consultation plus two follow-up cconsultations) - £200 (Saving £25)

Telephone advice or follow-up consultation (per 15 minutes) - £15


Before an initial consultation details of your symptoms, medical history, prescribed drugs, diet and lifestyle are gathered by way of a questionnaire. This enables an initial assessment to be made and reserach to be undertaken where necessary. Further information is then obtained at your consultation. You will be given information to help you undestand your symptoms and how diet and lifestyle can help or hinder. You will receive a personalised treatment plan that will cover dietary advice, nutritional supplements, recommended diagnostic tests, where required, and lifestyle advice. The treatment plan is usually followed for a month, until your first follow-up appointment and then reviewed and changes made as necessary. In most cases it will be necessary to gradually introduce changes so that you can get used to your new eating plan. The consultation will end with a summary of the main points and an invitation to book your first follow-up consultation.


For further information or to book an appointment please contact Nikki by phone or email (contact details are at the top of the website), or by using the Contact from on the Contact page.

Supplements may be recommended as part of a nutritional therapy programme, to address deficiencies and to help restore balance. In most cases the supplement brands recommended will be available from a dispensary company that sells products on behalf of various supplement companies, which makes for a convenient and more attractive way to order. 

A 10% discount is available to people when purchasing nutritional supplements, at and following a nutritional therapy consutlation or workshop. Free delivery is available for orders over £25.  


This work is total separate to a nutritional therapy consultation. Clearing trapped emotions in the body can provide a more holistic approach to health and alongside nutrition and lifestyle changes it can encourage signficant and lasting health improvements. There are many books that explain the negative effects of trapped energy in body and how this can create subtle but real problems at a physical, mental and emotional level. The work of Louise Hay is probably one of the most well-known and Dr Bradley Nelson in his book 'Emotion Code' goes into great detail. I use a variety of methods to help identify and unblock energies and teach a method by which we can tune into our body to get answers to questions about our health and wellbeing. This is empowering and helps us to understand ourselves at a deeper level. 

Reiki (60 minutes) - £40 

Emotional Clearing (60-90 minutes) - £70 

SuperConnection: [https://superconnection] (60-90 minutes) - £70 


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“When diet is wrong medicine is of no use. When diet is correct medicine is of no need!”

~ Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb

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“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got!”        

                                                                                                  ~ Mark Twain

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